Products designed to harness the full power of medical research around the world. It sounds like a slam dunk, but like anything in the pharmaceutical world, it's more complicated than you might think. In a crowded marketplace full of one-off solutions, low-quality data providers, and competitors who overpromise and underdeliver, Medmeme had to stand out with videos that plainly and simply explain the impact their products can make.

As a technology company with a broad range of products, a variety of consumer touchpoints, and sales people out seeing the client every day, it was important to develop a complete design system that would work across all platforms.

Our target market is well-educated, high-income, and eat, breathe and live science. Despite our product’s revolutionary intent, we wanted to introduce Medmeme Delta as something very familiar - so we rolled out advertising with a new tagline: “The Science of Medical Affairs”

In order to explain the power of the new product directly to our users, we flew down to Miami for a weekend at the Medical Affairs Professional Society conference, with a totally custom event activation: The Medmeme Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base was a full-service help desk for the conference that leverages science and analytics to go above and beyond the call of duty, showcasing our product. We had conference schedules, presentation locations, and the directions to the nearest bathroom, but we also offered detailed analytics about the science being presented, the speakers presenting the science, and anything else Medmeme Delta could help with.

© Jeff DeGeorgia / Creative Director