Falling Stars App

Concept, Design & Layout

This immersive art & sound app was developed to engage a sophisticated yet playful crowd for Trident Vitality Gum. As stars fall from the sky against a surreal backdrop, users can draw different types of vines with unique sounds to create musical sequences. After creating a composition, users can share it on Facebook and Twitter and unlock new vines to toy with.

This was created while I was at noise. I worked on the design for the iAd campaign and mobile website to help promote the app, and was involved in initial concepting of the app itself.

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Falling Stars App from brizini on Vimeo.

These were created to promote the app on music & entertainment apps and sites. The iAds featured the tutorial video, a direct link to download the app, and some more information about Trident Vitality's different flavors.
© Jeff DeGeorgia / Creative Director